biztalk360 team


Senior Technical Writer

Mohan is our Senior Technical Writer responsible for product documentation and all other content related activities. He combines his passion for business, technology and writing to spread the word about BizTalk360. Mohan is responsible to work with cross functional teams to visualize and create product documentation and marketing content. He feels writing is so much fun and it is satisfying to capture the company’s soul and passion, and make it live through marketing messages.

Outside office, Mohan actively volunteers with an organization that supports female children educations His real life superheroes are teachers and nurses because they have the power to change anybody’s life even though they are under-appreciated. He still loves the nostalgia of classic cartoons shows like Popeye, Flintstones and many more. He also makes sure that he stays up-to-date in the latest advancements of mobile technology and computers. Loves computer gaming, gardening, cooking barbecues, loves sports and reads a lot of inspirational books.