biztalk360 team


VP - Sales and Marketing

Gowri is often the first point of contact for our new prospects/clients. She comes with an extensive experience managing QA/PM activities for banking sector. Along with PM and people management skills, Gowri joined BizTalk 360 team with huge aspirations for growth and assisting the team for a smooth product delivery. She is now our VP of Sales and Marketing responsible for inbound/outbound sales and marketing activities. As a strong believer in team work, she always goes one step further in making the team happy and motivated. She takes the pain away from the team by tackling the important processes while the team is busy building products on the other side.

When she is not in front of the computer, she enjoys spending time with her family/kids and curling up with a good book. She enjoys reading and her interests include parental books, motivational and autobiography books. Music is important to her, and she says that it keeps her active throughout the day. Added to that, she has taken up knitting as a new hobby.