biztalk360 team


Junior Support Developer

Daniel is our Software Programmer responsible for development of new and existing features of BizTalk360 and handles customer support at times. Among his many skills, he is a self-taught entrepreneur. With his business acumen and management skills, Daniel is excited to bring new perspective to the team. He started his college graduation in computing and games development courses where he was taught how to design and create websites, databases, software and games.

Daniel loves gaming. “Once a Gamer, Always a Gamer”, right? Daniel used to be a hard-core gamer, well at least he used to be until his government reminded him to pay his taxes. During his graduation days, he used to gain few extra cash by upgrading computer hardware for personal use as well as computer maintenance works. After graduation, he opened his own gaming company with few other people. Running his own business has taught Daniel a great deal about management, communication & client relationship. Furthermore, he loves to travel with his better half to free up his mind from the daily challenges and enjoy what the world has to offer.