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It’s time to Lookback on BizTalk360 Technical support for the year 2022

Published on : Dec 29, 2022

Category : BizTalk Server

Radhakrishnan Nambiraj


It’s 2023. Time is running like anything. Every year is started with the aim and hope to go on and chase our dreams. For us (The BizTalK360 Technical support team), the year  started  with only thing in mind.

“To thrive hard and go extra mile to solve customers’ issues and make them happy with our product”

With that note, the year began for us and we are happy and proud to announce that almost all the issues reported to us from different mediums were solved.  

We would like to thank all our esteemed customers, partners and our BizTalk360 team for their continuous support.

The year is filled with lot of learning and joy in solving customer requests. Let’s  have a look back on the number of requests  received, some of the awesome feedback given by the customers, some important features introduced and much more.

Stats from Support

Let’s start from the mediums from which the customer requests  come  from.

The main channels used for submitting the requests are,

  • Email
  • Support portal
  • Support feedback widget

 Total number of request received for the year 2022:

BizTalk360 Technical support
  • Total tickets received – 544
  • Tickets closed – 336
  • Feature request – 22

Customer Satisfaction

It’s always important to focus on what our customers feel about our product. The inclusion of new features and enhancement to the existing features are purely based on the feedback and suggestions our customers provide.

For every support ticket that is getting closed, there is a customer survey that gets attached to the closure response where our customers can rate the resolution provided by the support engineers.

BizTalk360 Technical support

Here are some of the feedbacks we received:

“Thanks for quick and helpful support 😊”

“Thank you for the swift responses which resolved our issues”.

“It’s your blessing that the issue got resolved for which I was trying for the past two days”

“Quick and swift response in solving the critical issue”

Apart from assisting clients in tickets, there are Best Practice Sessions, Quarterly Health Check sessions, Client Relationship calls and Support calls  conducted as well.

When a client is onboarded, they obviously need assistance in how they need to install BizTalK360 application and the basic configurations that need to be done to use BizTalK360 effectively. To achieve that purpose, the best practice sessions are conducted . During the call, the clients can install the BizTalk360 application successfully with our guidance and configure the important settings such as activating the license, creating alarm and mapping it with artifacts,configuring purge data policy, Advanced event viewer and Database maintenance

Whenever there is any issue, the clients can always reach out to us via support portal. But it would be really better if there is a dedicated support provided via call in order to provide any new release update or to solve any technical challenges. To achieve that purpose,  the   Quarterly Health Check sessions is introduced. It  is conducted   every three months. Each session has a duration of one hour . During this call, the basic health check questionnaire will be asked to ensure that the customers are using the product effectively without any challenges. The new release information would be shared, full product demo/new features demo would be given and assistance for any upgrade/installation of application would be provided as well.

Apart from the QHC and BP sessions, the  Client Relationship calls are also conducted to  our customers once in every three months.  The new release updates and assistance for  any technical issues are given in this call.  Any assistance with regards to the product  would be given in this call.

The clients usually contact us by submitting a ticket to us. If clients wish to have a web meeting to check the issue/if call is needed to resolve the issues faster, a web meeting would be scheduled as per the customers’ convenient time and help them fix their issues.

Major releases in 2022

The feedback portal is one place where the customers can provide their suggestions and valuable feedback on the features that they already use and also features that they expect in BizTalk360. It is based on these feedback and customer votes; the features are selected for every release.

  • In 2022, we had 4 major releases 10.2,10.3,10.4 and 10.4 phase 2.

For the list of new features and enhancements shipped in each release, refer to the release notes.

Some of the highlighted features added in 2022 are:

  • Twilio – SMS Notification channel
  • Automated Tasks
  • Performance Monitoring
  • BizTalk360 Database Maintenance and Health Status
  • Pager Duty Notification Channel
  • Manage EDI Parties & Agreements
  • Azure Service Bus Operations

Automated Tasks

In the releases happened for the year, we introduced one of the anticipated  feature “Automated Tasks” in the version v10.3.

Automated Tasks is a feature which automates administrative tasks like Start/Stop (Applications, Artifacts), Enable/Disable Host Instances and Custom workflow(Application Artifacts and Host Instances actions are performed as per workflow configuration). These tasks can be executed at the scheduled time or by the manual trigger. In BizTalK working environment, it is always a time consuming process to manually do the operations like start/stop the application artifacts at a scheduled time especially before/after the  maintenance. With the help of Automated task, you can just sit back and relax while the automated task does your job.

This feature is extended in our recent release v10.4 to support to automate Logic Apps states & message Resubmission, IIS App pool operations, and PowerShell script execution in remote machines.

What will 2023 bring us?

2023 is going to be a very great year, with no doubt at all. The happy news is that our team  already started working on our new version v10.5 which you can expect in the first quarter of year 2023.

The most awaited event in the Microsoft Integration space, Integrate2023 is on the way. The dates and venues will be  finalized soon. Can’t wait for the announcement.


We would like to request you, our customers,please take the time to add in your suggestions and feature requests in our  feedback form portal.  This helps us to prioritize the next upcoming feature tasks and will let us know what your main pain points are. In case of any queries, you can always write to, so that the team  can immediately get your queries answered and resolve the issues. Happy monitoring with BizTalk360!

Every ending has a new beginning. Let’s believe that 2023 would bring loads of positivity, joy and prosperity in our life.