Apr 8

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update : #1

Update #1 for http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com. Contributors: 94, Articles Count: 777 Profile Update: Following profiles are updated as per contributors request http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com/brian-loesgen http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com/michael-stephenson Articles Update: Nick Heppleston At the Coalface: A BizTalk Blog BizTalk Assembly Redirection BizTalk Server/Development/Tips FTP Adapter Context Property Oddities BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/FILE, FTP An Easier Way to do Complex FOR XML EXPLICIT BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/SQL … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update : #1

By Saravana

Jun 21

Mar 8

It’s time for Training and Holiday

I’m taking my family (my wife Gowri and our little son, 3 months old Aryaa) for a long 4.5 weeks holiday in India. For the first time I’m going to test out some training in India. I booked myself for .NET 2.0 distributed apps training bootcamp, an intencive 10 day training program (6 days a … Continue reading It’s time for Training and Holiday

By Saravana

Jan 15

Web site updated

Since my current contract is comming to an end in 2 months time, I thought it’s a good Opportunity to update my web site as well my CV and with my current availability status.

By Saravana

Apr 21

New Biztalk Server 2004 Technical documents

Understanding BizTalk Server 2004 BizTalk Server 2004 Performance Characteristics Developing Integration Solutions with BizTalk Server 2004

By Saravana

Mar 24

BizTalk FAQ

Advanced basics. This faq covers some of the Advanced basic questions, which arise on most of the developers head during the initial stages. It’s really good. http://www.netologi.se/default.aspx?Contents=BizTalkFAQ&Row=14#14

By Saravana

Mar 9

Control Orchestration Dehydration time

Have you ever wondered how to control the Orchestration Dehydration time? modify your BTSNTSvc.exe.config file as explained in the following link. (Biztalk Documentation Rocks!) Look at the sample at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/sdk/htm/ebiz_prog_orch_jzex.asp

By Saravana

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