Jan 9

Top 30 tips for BizTalk Server Users

Last year, we ran a series of BizTalk server tips that were curated out of our own experience and from our friends from the Integration MVP Community. The tips were created as individual blogs posts by Ricardo Torre over a period of 30 days. This blog post will serve as a table of contents to … Continue reading Top 30 tips for BizTalk Server Users

By Sriram Hariharan

Feb 16

First flight drama after so many years flying

I boarded BA flight BA0049 to Seattle this afternoon for the MVP Global Summit 2013. It’s pretty standard stuff, normal airport security and boarded the flight at 14:30. After about an hour flying we noticed some panic movements between cabin crew. First they all went to a common area for discussion, then they all rushed … Continue reading First flight drama after so many years flying

By Saravana

Oct 30

BizTalk360 articles–Table of Content

Since the launch of BizTalk360 BETA back in early 2011, we have written lot of blog posts showing various capabilities of BizTalk360.  The problem is, the articles are spread all over the place and there is no single categorised index page to help user identify the content. The search box in the site is OK, … Continue reading BizTalk360 articles–Table of Content

By Saravana

May 16

Published BizTalk Monitoring best practices white paper

Today we published a white paper explaining the importance of BizTalk Server monitoring and Top 15 best practices your can follow to get your monitoring story correct. Read the complete article BizTalk Monitoring – Top 15 Best Practices in our official BizTalk360 blog. Hope you enjoy it, please feel free to add your views as … Continue reading Published BizTalk Monitoring best practices white paper

By Saravana

Jan 26

BizTalk360 – We are hiring – Looking for 2 outgoing BizTalk developers in India

Last month we setup our India development/support centre based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The main aim of the team in India is to focus primarily on testing and supporting BizTalk360. Now we wanted to expand that operation with future development/R&D work for BizTalk360. We are looking for 2 experienced BizTalk developers in India to join … Continue reading BizTalk360 – We are hiring – Looking for 2 outgoing BizTalk developers in India

By Saravana

Mar 28

BizTalk RFID & NServiceBus article

Recently I been helping Michael Stephenson on his article about BizTalk RFID and NServiceBus, which is published on Microsoft technet WIKI site, http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/biztalk-2010-amp-nservicebus.aspx The article is mainly focused on how you can take advantage of NServiceBus along with BizTalk RFID capabilities on high volume scenarios, where you don’t want to waste BizTalk processing power for … Continue reading BizTalk RFID & NServiceBus article

By Saravana

Oct 30

Checking Live Writer after blog server crash

Life is not easy being a part time web administrator!! 🙂

By Saravana

Oct 1

BizTalk Videos and Posters

Microsoft web world is doing this for a very long time now, publishing short videos (“How Do I ?”) that will help users to kick start the concept quickly rather than going through tons of articles. BizTalk has entered this arena recently (relatively!!). Here is the URL for “BizTalk How do I?” video http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/biztalk/dd849956.aspx A … Continue reading BizTalk Videos and Posters

By Saravana

Jun 20

Windows 7 – Download status straight on your taskbar button

This is neat! while downloading some large content this morning I’ve noticed the following scene in my taskbar : Download status showing directly on the taskbar button.

By Saravana

Apr 14

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update : #2

Update #2 for http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com  Contributors: 95, Articles Count: 788 Articles Updated: Atin Agarwal Atin Agarwal’s Blog Message for the File Send Adapter remains in active state BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/FILE, FTP Messages not appearing in the dropdown box of Transform configuration BizTalk Server/Development/Orchestrations How to join two schemas in a map when they contain namespaces BizTalk Server/Development/Maps … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update : #2

By Saravana

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