BizTalk360 v9.0 Features

Release Date: May 2019
Quick Alarm Configuration

BizTalk360 Activities Auditing

We have introduced Auditing for BizTalk360 Activities, This feature helps the BizTalk360 administrators to find out “Who did what” in the environment over a period of time. All the activities performed by the users in the “Manage Alarm, Artifacts Mapping, and Secure SQL query” Sections will be logged.

SMTP Notification Channel

In the previous versions of BizTalk360 we had the following external notification channels:

  • Slack
  • ServiceNow
  • Web Hook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • PowerShell

Now we have introduced the SMTP notification channel, thereby you can now configure Email distribution lists by grouping email ids based on the business needs. Also, the email distribution list configured in one channel can be mapped to multiple alarms.

In addition to this, we have added email grouping for Up and Auto Correct Alerts. With this, the user can configure different email ids to receive Up and AutoCorrect alerts.

Send Port Group – Operations & Monitoring
Reset Functionality for Alarm & Auto Correct

Switch User Roles

A User Role can be changed in a single step from super to custom and vice versa by editing the user and toggling the Super User option.

Unmapped Application Artifacts

With this new Unmapped application artifacts feature, the artifacts which are not (yet) mapped for monitoring can easily be determined. The summarized list of Unmapped application artifacts can be seen in the Monitoring Dashboard.

Custom User Profile Templates
Delete ESB Fault Message

System Alerts

Systems Alerts are sent to the BizTalk360 administrator about the health of BizTalk360 environment. The administrator can now easily get the alerts about BizTalk360 License expiration and Unmapped application artifacts list in the BizTalk environment.

Copy To Clipboard

Our business data is highly valuable. The information uses contain decision-making and problem-solving. From v9.0 on, the Copy to Clipboard option is provided to copy information in a single click from the BizTalk360 UI to the Windows Clipboard.

Copy To Clipboard

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