BizTalk360 v8.9.6 Features

Release Date: Apr 2019

Integrate BizTalk360 with AppDynamics

Using BizTalk360 you can now view the performance metrics of your BizTalk Server environment simply by installing the AppDynamics Windows service called “.Net Agent coordinator” in the server where your BizTalk360 Analytics service is running. BizTalk360 collects the performance metrics from the BizTalk environment and pushes it to the AppDynamics.

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Some of the important BizTalk environment performance metrics you can see in your AppDynamics metrics browsers :

BizTalk Server Health

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Free Space
  • Average Disk Queue Length
BizTalk-Server-Health SQL-Server-Health

Message Performance

  • Documents Receive/Second
  • Documents Processed/Second
  • Inbound Latency (Sec)
  • Outbound Latency (Sec)
  • Outbound Adapter Latency (Sec)

Host Performance

  • Host Instance performance by CPU and Memory

Throttling Performance

  • Message delivery Throttling State
  • Message Publishing Throttling State
  • Message Delivery Outgoing Rate
  • Message Delivery Incoming Rate
  • Active Instance Count
Throttling Performance

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