Release date: 28th Apr 2023

BizTalk360 Version 10.6

Important highlights of this version are IIS Website and App pool operations to manage the states, Export and Import of EDI Parties & Agreements configuration, Capture the BizTalk360 Monitoring and Analytics logs, Monitor the results of SQL Queries in Data Monitoring and other important enhancements in Monitoring, Analytics and BizTalk360 Installer.

BizTalk360 v10.4
SQL Server Availability

IIS – Website and App pool operations

IIS Servers administration feature brought the capability to perform operations of IIS websites (Start, Stop, Restart) and App pools (Start, Stop, Recycle and Restart).

Export & Import – EDI Parties & Agreements

Export and Import the EDI Parties & Agreements from the BizTalk360 EDI feature. The users can perform Export or Import the desired parties and their profiles/agreements with granular access policies!

BizTalk360 v10.4 release
BizTalk360 v10.4 release

BizTalk360 Activity Logs

Capture the activities of BizTalk360 monitoring and analytics services with different log levels (Info, Warning, Error, Fatal). The activity log is helpful to troubleshoot or provide insights into the affected scenarios.

SQL Queries in Data Monitoring

In Data monitoring, SQL query is added to monitor the results of Secure SQL Queries. The users can configure the schedule with fine-grained filters to keep track of desired results.


Check the latest enhancements

Alarm Improvements
  • An option to not receive UP alerts in Notification Channels
  • The email subject shows the status of the alarm
  • Customize the email subject with placeholders in email Template
  • Users can view the email in the monitoring notification history
Monitoring Improvements
  • Enable the auto-mapping of application artifacts for the monitoring (Expected state, auto-correct)
  • Option to edit the url of the orphaned locations(FTP, SFTP, Queues) to continue monitoring
  • Web Endpoint monitoring support the Azure Synapse endpoints
Data Monitoring Improvements
  • ESB Data monitoring improved with multiple filter conditions and include missing operators
  • Attach the ESB message content in email notifications
  • Knowledge Base article link is included in notifications
BizTalk Health Monitor
  • Attach the latest BHM Report in the email notification and SMTP channel
  • From Administration, run the selected BHM profile in the environment
Host Instances (Exactly one active)
  • To monitor the Active-Passive Cluster host instances “Exactly one active” state is introduced
  • It will make sure only one host instances is running
BizTalk360 Installer Improvements
  • Installer supports HTTPS website installation for fresh and upgrade scenarios
  • Capability to feed in Default Super user in fresh installation

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