BizTalk Summit 2015

April 13-14, London

An Azure of Things, a developer’s perspective

BizTalk Summit 2015, April 13-14, London

  • Saravana Kumar
    April13, 9.00
    Welcome Speech

    bySaravana Kumar

  • Dan Rosanova
    April-13, 9.15
    Code based orchestration in the cloud

    byDan Rosanova

  • Paul Larsen
    April-13, 10.00
    Integrating cloud with existing IBM Systems

    byPaul Larsen

  • Karandeep Anand
    April-13, 11.15
    Keynote Speech

    byKarandeep Anand

  • Stephen Siciliano
    April13, 12.15
    Inside Logic Apps

    byStephen Siciliano

  • Prashant Kumar
    April-13, 14.00
    BizTalk API Apps

    byPrashant Kumar

  • Sameer Chabungbam
    April-13, 14.45

    bySameer Chabungbam

  • Saravana Kumar
    April-13, 16.00
    Product Update with customer presentation & Surprise Announcements

    bySaravana Kumar

  • Nicolas Blatter
    BizTalk360 Customer Presentation

    byNicolas Blatter

  • Michael Stephenson
    April-13, 16.45
    An Integration Platform to Support Vision 2025

    byMichael Stephenson

  • Stephen.W.Thomas
    April-13, 17.30
    Top 14 Integration Challenges I’ve seen in the Past 14 Years


  • Steef-Jan-Wiggers
    April-14, 9.00
    Hybrid Solutions with the current BizTalk Server 2013 R2 platform


  • Johan Hedberg
    April-14, 9.30
    10x latency improvement – how to squeeze performance out of your BizTalk solution

    byJohan Hedberg

  • Sandro Pereira
    April-14, 10.00
    BizTalk Server tips and tricks for developers and admins

    bySandro Pereira

  • Tord Glad Nordahl
    April-14, 10.30
    Power BI Tool

    byTord Glad Nordahl

  • Charles Young
    April-14, 11.30
    Microservices and the Cloud-Based Future of Integration

    byCharles Young

  • Jon Fancey
    April14, 12.15
    Migrating to Microservices

    byJon Fancey

  • Kent Weare
    April-14, 14.00
    API Management Part 1 – An Introduction to Azure API Management

    byKent Weare

  • Tomasso Groenendijk
    April-14, 14.45
    API Management Part 2: Exposing agile BizTalk ESB itinerary services as APIs

    byTomasso Groenendijk

  • Nino Crudele
    April14, 16.00
    An Azure of Things, a developer’s perspective

    byNino Crudele

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