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BizTalk Server/Integration training

Based on real-life project experience

Taking care of your BizTalk group takes more than checking the BizTalk Administration console every now and then. Without understanding the concepts of BizTalk, it can be hard to properly manage your BizTalk group in all its aspects. We conduct a 3 days training which is for BizTalk Administrators and IT professionals, but is also beneficial for SQL Server Administrators and BizTalk Developers who are involved in managing the BizTalk platform.


Learn from top community leaders

Are you looking for training in BizTalk Server or Hybrid integrations? Don’t look any further because from this year on we run remote trainings on these topics! We managed to get a couple of the best possible trainers you can get. They will not only teach you the essential basic and more advanced knowledge, but they will also share their years-long experience with you!

Format and schedule of the training

The training exists of the following three parts:

  • BizTalk Server 2020 Hybrid options
  • BizTalk Server development
  • BizTalk Server administration

The full training takes 3 days, but we are setting up the training in such a way, that each of these parts is conducted in separate days. That means that you can decide to take the full three-days training, but you can also decide to only take the part(s) that are most relevant for you.

See below for the available slots:

October 2021

BizTalk Server 2020 Hybrid Optionsn/a
BizTalk Server 2020 Administrators TrainingWednesday 27th
BizTalk Server 2020 Developers TrainingThursday 28th

November 2021

BizTalk Server 2020 Hybrid OptionsThursday 18th
BizTalk Server 2020 Administrators TrainingTBD
BizTalk Server 2020 Developers TrainingTBD

If these time frames don’t work for you, feel free to reach out to us and discuss alternate dates.


See below for an overview of the topics you can expect during the training.

BizTalk Server 2020 Hybrid Options

Trainer: Stephen W. Thomas

This course on BizTalk 2020 Hybrid Options introduces attendees to core Azure features to create enterprise-grade, cross-environment Integration Solutions. This course covers areas specific to BizTalk-Azure Integration as well as covering supporting Azure services used to create powerful Hybrid Integration Solutions. By the end of this course, you will know what areas of Azure interact directly with BizTalk and what other core areas of Azure to use to build Hybrid Integration Solutions.


This training introduces the attendees to developing hybrid integration solutions between BizTalk Server and Azure technologies. To follow this training, it is advised that attendees have prior experience with developing BizTalk Server solutions in Visual Studio. No prior Azure experience is required.

  • Introduction
    • State of BizTalk and Integration today
    • Why build Hybrid solutions
    • BizTalk supported Azure features
    • Azure features to enhance Hybrid solutions
    • Finding the right balance
    • Just-in-time architecture
  • Logic Apps and Integration Accounts
    • History
    • Use cases
    • Overview
    • Deep dive
    • Demo
  • Service Bus and WCF-Relay
    • History
    • Use cases
    • Overview
    • Deep dive
    • Demo
  • API Management, Key Vault, and Functions
    • History
    • Use cases
    • Overview
    • Deep dive
    • Demo
  • Azure blob storage and On Prem Data Gateway
    • History
    • Use cases
    • Overview
    • Deep dive
    • Demo
  • Event Hub and Event Grid
    • History
    • Use cases
    • Overview
    • Deep dive
    • Demo

BizTalk Server Administration

Trainer: Lex Hegt

Experienced BizTalk Server administrators have always been hard to find these days. Taking care of your BizTalk environment takes much more than checking the BizTalk Administration console every now and then. Without understanding the concepts of BizTalk, it can be hard to properly manage your BizTalk group in all its aspects. During the training day about BizTalk Server Administration, we discuss the most important topics to be on top of the well-being of BizTalk Server environments.


This training is an introduction to BizTalk Server, with a focus on BizTalk administrators and their tasks. To follow this training, it is advised that attendees have experience with Windows Server administration and Microsoft SQL Server. No prior BizTalk Server experience is necessary.

  • Module 1 – Past, present, and future of BizTalk Server
    • The purpose of middleware
    • Introduction to BizTalk Server
    • BizTalk Server concepts
    • Past, present, and future of BizTalk Server
  • Module 2 – Planning a BizTalk Server 2020 installation
    • Green field, in-place or side by side migration
    • Hardware/software requirements and other environment considerations
    • Installation and (post-)configuration
    • Host Design and High Availability
  • Module 3 – Deployment of BizTalk applications
    • BizTalk Server deployment concepts
    • Deployment with MSI packages
    • Command-line deployments
    • BizTalk Deployment Framework
  • Module 4 – Day to Day operations and monitoring
    • Monitoring BizTalk environments
    • Frequent tasks of a BizTalk Administrator
    • BizTalk Command-line tooling
  • Module 5 – The role of BizTalk admins in BizTalk projects (optional)
    • Maintaining a consistent environment
    • Support development projects
    • Providing guidelines

BizTalk Server Development

Trainer: Sandro Pereira

Although we see that the over the years the number of serverless integrations are growing, we also still see a lot of BizTalk development taking place. Unfortunately, these days it is hard to get a BizTalk development training. Hence, we decided to jump into that gap. We are happy that we managed to get a BizTalk Server veteran for this training. He will teach you about the most important topics to speed up your skills as a BizTalk Server developer.


This training is an introduction to developing BizTalk Server solutions with Visual Studio. To follow this training, it is advised that attendees have prior experience with developing in Visual Studio with for example C#. No prior BizTalk Server experience is necessary.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to BizTalk Server
    • Enterprise Application Integration Challenges
    • What Is BizTalk Server?
    • What Problems Does BizTalk Server Solve?
    • The BizTalk Server Development Environment
  • Module 2 – Creating Schemas
    • Introduction to BizTalk Schemas
    • Creating and Testing XML and Flat File Schemas
    • Creating JSON Schemas
  • Module 3 – Creating Maps
    • Creating a BizTalk Map
    • Configuring Basic Functoids
    • Configuring Advanced Functoids
    • Creating Custom Functoids
  • Module 4 – Deploying and Managing BizTalk Applications
    • Deploying a BizTalk Application
    • Managing a BizTalk Application
    • Scripting Administrative Tasks
  • Module 5 – Routing BizTalk Messages
    • Introduction to Message Routing
    • Configuring Message Routing
    • Monitoring Orchestrations and Messages
  • Module 6 – Creating Pipelines
    • Introduction to Pipelines
    • Building a Pipeline
  • Module 7 – Integrating with Adapters
    • Introduction to BizTalk Adapters
    • Configuring a BizTalk Adapter
    • Introduction to WCF Receive and Send Adapters
    • Consuming a Web Service
    • Using the WCF Service Publishing Wizard
  • Module 8 – Creating a BizTalk Orchestration
    • Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration
    • Building an Orchestration
    • Controlling the Flow of an Orchestration
    • Monitoring Orchestrations


For this training, we have three trainers who have done many trainings before. During these trainings, they will teach the attendees in their specialized areas. Each of them has more than a decade of experience in the areas that will be covered, and they will all take a day to train the attendees accordingly.

Hybrid integration – Stephen W Thomas (MVP)

Stephen is an independent consultant specializing in BizTalk Server and Azure Integration including API Apps and Logic Apps. For the past 12 years, Stephen has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in BizTalk Server / Azure Integration. He has done consulting work for numerous clients, including many in the Fortune 500, and runs the BizTalk community site The site offers a community forum, over 50 BizTalk samples, various how-to videos, and Stephen’s blog. Stephen has presented at several Microsoft TechEd events, multiple SOA Conferences, and various user groups.

BizTalk development – Sandro Pereira (MVP)

Sandro lives in Portugal and works as an integration consultant at DevScope. In the past years, he has been implementing Integration solutions both on-premises and cloud for several international clients, each with different scenarios from a technical point of view, size, and criticality, using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft BizTalk Server with different technologies.
He is a regular blogger, an international speaker, member and moderator on the MSDN BizTalk Server Forums and Code Gallery contributor and technical reviewer of several BizTalk books all focused on Integration. Sandro is also the author of the book “BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices” and has been awarded MVP since 2011 for his contributions to the integration community.

BizTalk Server administration – Lex Hegt

Lex has more than 15 years of experience as a BizTalk Server Administrator but is also experienced in the field of BizTalk Development. He has worked, as a BizTalk consultant, with every version of BizTalk Server since 2004 and in the past, he has conducted many Administrator and Developer Trainings. As an attendee of this training, you will benefit of this, because besides receiving the training from a trainer with real-world knowledge, there will be plenty of space to discuss the challenges you might face during your day-to-day operations of BizTalk Server


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