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We try to fill all the gaps Microsoft has left in the BizTalk Server support area.

Security & Audit

  • User Access Policies

    Define your own rules, you are not restricted just to the standard "BizTalk Administrator" or "BizTalk Operators" groups.

  • Operational Governance & Auditing

    Track all your support people activities, "Sam restarted Receive Location at 10:45 am".

  • Avoid direct RDP access to Servers

    Support team has access to all the resources directly via BizTalk360 web console,  eliminating physical access to servers.

  • Avoid direct access to Databases

    Your DBA's will love this feature! BizTalk360 allows support team to store and execute queries directly from it's web console in a secure way.


Operations & Administration

Web based management console

The only way you can have web based runtime management access to your BizTalk environment(s) is by using BizTalk360. Out of the box there is no web based access in Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Productivity Tools

Advance Event Viewer

The standard windows event viewer is not good for diagnosing BizTalk problems, especially when you have environments with 2 or more BizTalk servers. Correlating events between servers is tiring work. BizTalk360 comes with advanced event viewer designed to make your diagnosing capabilities super productive.

Integrated Knowledge base

There will always be some known problems during your day-to-day support. Example: Contoso Inc occasionally sends email with some junk ASCII characters that breaks. BizTalk360 helps to associate KB articles with error codes,  when the same issue happens next time you'll see the associated KB avoiding to diagnose the problem from scratch.

Search Design time artifacts

Do you have 100's of applications, send ports, receive locations, orchestrations etc and managing them gets challenging?  BizTalk360 rich design time artifact search can help to discover and take action on them instantly.

See what's running inside your Host

Host is a logical container. Great! But do you know what's configured to run inside the host,  it will take couple of hours for you to figure out using BizTalk administration console. BizTalk360 host container view makes it piece of cake.

Graphical Message Flow Viewer

How does a message travel from "A"  to  "B"  inside our BizTalk environment?  Well you need to ask Mr.Joe who is our BizTalk expert.

You don't need Mr.Joe to tell you that information,  BizTalk360 graphical message flow viewer will visualize your message flow in your environment without any custom coding.


Health Check Tools

Message Box Viewer (Integration)

MBV comes with 400+ rules that validates various things in your BizTalk environment and reports whether your environment is in a healthy state or needs some attention. MBV is fully integrated into BizTalk360,  you can schedule to run MBV on a periodic way and see the reports directly in the UI,  in addition you can also set alerts based on MBV reports..

Backup/DR Visualizer

The only supported way of doing backup and DR in BizTalk server environment is by using the standard SQL jobs and log shipping capabilities.  BizTalk360 provides a single page visualizer to check the health of your backup/DR configuration.

Throttling Analyser

No body understands Throttling!! you need a super BizTalk expert to understand various throttling counters and make sense of the values it displays. BizTalk360 comes with a simple dashboard to understand your environment throttling conditions. You don't need to be an expert.

Tracking Manager

You track information at various places - pipelines, orchestrations, schemas, global tracking etc. Tracking manager from BizTalk360 helps to visualize all these data in a single page at application level,  making you super productive.


All your data in one place Avoid using different portals and tools to access your data, BizTalk360 consolidates everything in one place, making you productive.

Message Box & Tracking Data

Access your runtime and tracked data directly from BizTalk360 webconsole with rich query builder. You can also save and open queries centrally.

BAM Portal

Your support team can view data stored in BAM activities and views directly via BizTalk360.

ESB Portal

If you are using ESB Toolkit exception capabilities,  you can access the ESB exception data directly via BizTalk360.

Any SQL Data

Any custom SQL query can be saved and executed via BizTalk360 directly. No need to have access to SQL management studio.

Business Rules

Access all your BRE policies, Rules, Conditions and Actions all within BizTalk360 web interface.


Monitoring It is simple, 100% focused on BizTalk environments, takes just mins / hours to configure and easy to configure / manage.

BizTalk Applications Monitoring

Receive Locations
Monitor Receive locations states (enabled, disabled).
Send Ports
Monitor send port states (started, stopped, enlisted etc).
Monitor Orchestration states (started, Stopped, Enlised, etc).
Service Instances
Monitor Service Instances state (Suspended, Active, Dehydrated etc).

BizTalk/SQL Servers Monitoring

Make sure your disks are healthy ( % free space).
Event Logs
Keep an eye on various event log alerts.
NT Services
Make sure NT services are in correct state (started, stopped etc).
Keep an eye on CPU ( Max utilization) and Memory ( % free).
BizTalk Host Instances
Monitor BizTalk Host Instances including clusters.
Web End-Points
Monitor HTTP/SOAP/REST end points for expected return codes.
Message Box Viewer Statistics
Ensure Message Box Viewer reports are healthy. Get alerted if there are too many critical errors reported by MBV.
Database Queries
SQL queries that return scalar values can be monitored. Ex: Depth of the spool table, count > 100 : warning, count> 500 : error.
SQL Jobs State
Monitor state of SQL Jobs a for healthy BizTalk environments.
SQL Jobs Errors
BizTalk360 alerts when configured jobs doesn't execute as expected and results in errors.

Monitor for Threshold Violations

BizTalk360 notifies when a condition is violated, for e.g: Receive Locations : Started, Send Ports : Started, Suspended Service Instances count < 200 etc.

Daily Health Check Notification(s)

BizTalk360 helps in configuring automated daily health check on your environment. It is more reliable and also saves time for your support team.


Notification Channels

Very simple/traditional notification channel. We cannot live without it!!
Support world wide delivery of SMS notifications with simple configuration.
HP Operation Manager
Display BizTalk Server specific alerts into HP Operation Manager console.
Event Viewer
Write notification into Windows Event Viewer with specific event ids, this can be used as integration channel to show BizTalk360 alerts in other monitoring tools like IBM Tivoli, SolarWinds, Nagios etc

Process Monitoring

BizTalk360 enables process monitoring capability for some of the very unique BizTalk Server scenario. Example: Set monitoring to look for "X" number of messages every hour or business day. Customization options to set business days and business hours.

Process Monitoring
Email Notification

Clear Email Notification

BizTalk360 notification emails clearly visualise the problems in RED/YELLOW/GREEN indicators,  making it easy to glance and spot any issues.

Customize Email Template: You can customise certain things in the email like background colour, headings, captions, from email address etc directly from our "Format Email" settings page.

Monitoring Dashboard

Dashboard with Red/Green/Yellow indicators that display the state of configured monitors. This can be displayed on big screens in the operations to enable 24/7 operators to react to alerts immediately. Multiple dashboards with only relevant information / monitoring features can be configured.

Process Monitoring

Enterprise characteristics out of the box

Automatic High Availability
BizTalk360 monitoring service comes with out of the box High Availability capability. After all you don't want your monitoring service to be down.
Maintenance Mode
BizTalk360 monitoring can be shutdown temporarily for maintenance during deployment and other configuration in your environment. This prevents sending false alerts to the support team.

Monitor any state, not just healthy ones

In general monitoring solutions will look for healthy states. Example: BizTalk Host Instances must always be started. But what if you wanted to keep your Host Instance in a disabled state? BizTalk360 allows you to monitor for any expected state, giving full flexibility.