• Roy Nijman
    About 2 years ago we upgraded from BizTalk 2002 to 2009, thereby also replacing our BizTalk monitoring solution with BizTalk360. Since this time we're using BizTalk360 without problems. As BizTalk itself is outsourced the alerts go to our vendor directly who will then pick it up. In general I believe this is a very good solution that doesn't need lots of attention.

    Roy Nijman
    Enterprise Solutions Delivery Manager
    Asics Europe BV, Netherlands

  • We use BizTalk360 to monitor high volume BizTalk systems and apps for a Banking client. BizTalk360 provides us detailed insight into the health of our supported environment and is easy to integrate and configure. BizTalk360 has numerous means of capturing environment problems and reports issues promptly and with impressive detail.

    Jason Gill
    Infrastructure Solution Lead
    Mexia Consulting, Australia

  • Bas Van Wijngaarden
    We use BizTalk360 on a day to day basis as application managers for BizTalk. Because of our ISEA3402 controls it’s not allowed to be local administrator on production servers, and with BizTalk360 we don’t need that anymore. It’s also very useful for our developers, who can check the current settings in production and UAT. Functions like Advanced Event Viewer and Governance - Auditing functions are things we use daily  

    Bas Van Wijngaarden
    Senior Technical Application Manager
    KAS Bank, Netherlands

  • We use BizTalk360 at all our Managed Services clients because it helps us deliver on our promise to reduce operational costs, improve availability of business services. We methodically map monitoring against business impact and design for operations, we are able to:
    • Reduce the number of incidents
    • Reduce the impact of incidents when they occur
    • Run a more stable and cost-efficient environment

    Bart Scheurweghs
    Lead Technology Specialist BizTalk Server
    CNext, Belgium

    Bart Scheurweghs
  • Anders Stensland
    The built in admin tools in BizTalk Server is as everybody knows, not great. We looked at options to control and simplify the admin tasks related to monitoring and operating a BizTalk Server environment.   We found that with BizTalk360 the information was structured in a clear and simple manner using a nice graphical interface with built in viewers, visualizers and analyzers. BizTalk360 does much of the day-to-day monitoring for you, and alerts when something out of the ordinary has happened. The ability to provide read access to certain views to non-admin people is also great, as this keeps the requests down for the BizTalk admin team.   All in all, BizTalk360 is a fantastic product and Bouvet recommends this to all our BizTalk customers!

    Anders Stensland
    Business Unit Manager
    Bouvet ASA, Norway

  • The ABB Group is running BizTalk for different applications all over the world. ABB exchanges more than a 1,000,000 documents per day.   We have BizTalk360 installed on all environments and we track the different process, have multiples Alarming active and use the Dashboard and the MsgBoxViewer. Because of the amount of data exchange we have quite a lot of errors which we have to track, BizTalk360 is a perfect tool to do this. Not only we get the errors but we get also the running status of the system, that show us when everything is running correct.   HP is running the operation of these systems, thanks to BizTalk360 we can now easier keep our SLA with ABB.

    Nicolas Blatter
    Senior Consultant
    HP Technology Consulting (ABB)

  • about_img01
    I am impressed by the work Saravana has put into it and provided the tool with such a nice UI. User experience in my view is an important factor for a tool to be adopted. Definitely recommend developers and administrators to have a look at this tool and see if it fits for purpose in their environment.

    Steef Jan Wiggers
    Microsoft MVP

  • Overall the process of procuring the BizTalk360 application has been very positive. The BizTalk360 team is very committed to the product and their customers. It has been refreshing to work with a company that is so motived.

    Kent Weare
    Microsoft MVP

  • Koen
    BizTalk out-of-the box has no alerting capabilities in case something fails during the processing of messages, also when a receive location goes down, we do not get alerted! BizTalk monitoring required us to use SCOM, it was the only option Microsoft offered us. The way BizTalk was incorporated in SCOM was not as it should have been. Also configuring SCOM took a lot of effort to get it right. During my long years with BizTalk (I started working on BizTalk 2002 version), I developed several custom solutions to let a customer be informed in case of failed messages, something most BizTalkers have done too. In the mean time BizTalk360 got my attention. Their solution was so much better than mine and the GUI looked dramatically better and it did what it was supposed to do, inform the administrators when an error occurred in BizTalk, allowing them to take action. Their solution also enabled us to organize the BizTalk administration without having to use the BizTalk Administration Console and giving users access to the BizTalk machines. It was even possible to determine on a per user basis who could do what. This was a much requested feature in BizTalk! I have deployed BizTalk360 on most of my customer sites and never got a bad feedback. I conclude by saying BizTalk360 today has so many features and is so easy to use, that we include it in our prospects as the BizTalk monitoring product.

    Koen Van Oost
    Business Integration Architect
    Integr8 Consulting, part of Cronos NV, Belgium

  • The overall impression I got was that the BizTalk360 team have used a lot of time figuring out your most common problems (when it comes to administration) and put it into a user-friendly program.
    I would definitely recommend the product.

    Tord Glad Nordahl
    Microsoft MVP, BizTalk Administrator Expert
    Bouvet ASA, Norway